Soundwalk styles roundup

I think it’s fair to assume that if you follow this blog you will know what a soundwalk is. But for those unfamiliar with the term: this fun and interactive practice essentially involves a small group listening, and sometimes recording, while moving through a physical space at a slow walking pace. Soundwalks can be powerful tools when used in…


The Sound Edit ))) November 2014

))) The Play: Follow at the Abbey Theatre (Peacock stage).  I am always interested in alternative uses of narrative devices, in whatever format, so was immediately intrigued when I heard of this piece of theatre as it claimed to be “inspired by sign language as a form of communication and narrative device”.  As if that wasn’t challenging enough,…


10 Amazing Things About HearSay 2014

1) The sudden realisation that the stranger who just bought you a pint is your favourite podcaster. 2) Knocking on any Kilfinane door to borrow a fork being perfectly acceptable behaviour. 3) The welcoming waft of hot breakfasts at Molly’s. 4) Getting blindfolded in the Library to taste Tayto crisps sandwiches. 5) The milky way, like a starry drape over your forest lodge. 6) Free beer.  In the church.…

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The Sound Edit ))) October 2014

))) The Book: A Sentimental Education by Gustave Flaubert. As some of you might know, I like my French novels. It’s one literary passion my college professors didn’t manage to extinguish by force of essays on the-critics-criticizing-the-criticism. To clarify the extent of my obsession, I once recorded my way across Belleville to find multiple voices for my…

La Cosa Preziosa audio recording

//SuoniPreziosi: the butter dish

Breakfast is bound to be that little more fun when you can play your own butter dish. Note: handily doubles up as a wake up call for the rest of the household. — Manipulations on a long reverb tail, recorded on a Zoom H5 Photo by La Cosa Preziosa

Brief Encounter

Georgian staircase leads to experiment in sound fiction.

— So: you’re pacing this Georgian mansion recorder at hand, enjoying every creaky step and every rusty hinge.  You’re pretty sure you are alone, until one of the large heavy doors coughs up someone else.  The someone else smiles an unexpected hello from under their eyes, your reply gets half-caught in your throat.  It’s a…