‘Sounds of Basilicata’ at HearSay 2014

The first HearSay festival is finally here: tomorrow I will be heading over to the small village of Kilfinane in Co. Limerick, where professionals and lovers of radio and experimental sound will be gathering mecca-style to share, celebrate, get to know each other’s work – and have a couple of pints, no doubt…  

The lineup includes some of my favourite international artists and radio makers, too many to list, and include the good folk at In the Dark, Resonance FM, and even a Hurdy Gurdy Museum outing!

As some of you know I have been involved as a contributor in the lead up to the Festival, but what I am really looking forward is getting stuck in and presenting one of the programme’s SoundOut talks.

Basilicata artist La Cosa Preziosa

Entitled ‘The Sounds of Basilicata‘ this will be a virtual audio-journey through the southern Italian region I am from.  You can expect a lively ‘crash-course’ through sound on the local natural environment, folk traditions, history, food and music.  There will be some video footage too of the extraordinary votive ‘dance of the ceri‘, which is becoming increasingly rare, even for the south of Italy.  Not to be missed if you are in any way interested in Italy, ethnography – or sound, of course!

If you’re there please do come up and say hello!

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 19.52.02

Download the full HearSay 2014 Festival Programme:

Full Programme Listing 20th November – V2.1

3 thoughts on “‘Sounds of Basilicata’ at HearSay 2014

  1. It all sounds wonderful. So sorry I can’t be with you but I’m sure both you and the Festival will be a huge success. I do hope that you will be posting your usual excellent reviews. Bon Courage!

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