Paris Group show, Voyage en Méditerranée

La Cosa Preziosa Rives Mediterraneennes

One thing about our work is that sometimes it can be places you can’t.  I have been missing from Paris for a good couple of years now, and miss it a lot, so when the opportunity came up to be a part of a group show in one its most iconic locations I jumped at the chance.  

Curated by visual artist Désirée De Montebello and inspired by her travels, this show is a continuation of her ‘Rives Méditerranéennes’ project, a visual and aural journey through the Mediterranean that aims to conjure images and ambiences through a number of works and travel journals. In addition, Désirée invited artists she met along the way to take part with her own artworks, who represent varied media including photography, painting, video and – you’ve guessed it- sounds.  Two of my soundscapes from Basilicata will be included, ‘Passa la Banda?‘ and ‘circaDiem‘.mairie-du-veme-arrondissement

The show takes place in the Mairie du Véme Arrondissement, 21 Place du Panthéon and runs from 8th December to 10th January.  More information available here.

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