//SuoniPreziosi: the broken lamp

Sometimes we set off with a definite idea, or even a list, of what we’re looking to capture.  Other times we go out without any preconceived expectations, and are happy to accept whatever the day throws at us (which is often better than any man-made plans!).  And then sometimes the material appears in a downright random way, when an obejct otherwise incospicuous and silent adopts a new sonic persona by chance.

This was the case of this recording(s), captured at the lamp post outside the church.  It’s the same style you can see in the picture, but in a different location in the square. While the lamp had stopped working, somewhat bizarrelly the internal elements had instead started making a unique and to me quite beautiful rattling noise, against the metal and glass casing.

This being the south of Italy, the lamp wasn’t fixed for a while. Which was perfect, as it gave me the time to get my recordings.  These are three of my favourite excerpts, it’s the same texture but explored from different angles.  The small square is otherwise empty and silent.  You can also tell it’s night time by the puncutating beat of the crickets.

Listening retrospectively, I was quite amused to find a sonic link between the broken lamp sound, and Luigi Russolo’s Intonarumori recordings.  Who knows, perhaps there had been a broken lamp just outside his window…

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