Il Picchio Nero

Ha, I had forgotten about this, must be from 2 summers ago already.  
One afternoon during a walk in the Pollino National Park, I came across the unusual sounds of the Picchio Nero (Dryocopus Martius, black woodpecker). A VIP member of local wildlife (such as the otter and the wolf) famed to live in the area, but hardly ever visible (a good thing really, particularly re: wolf!). And technically see it I didn’t, but I definitely heard it. Only had a manky Zoom H2 with me at the time, and the source was quite far, in a woodland area encircled with barbed wire, so I couldnt get any closer.   As a result sound quality isn’t great, but glad I have this to remember, and glad to share.  You can find out more about the area where I recorded this Picchio Nero here:

(Image by Steffen Hannert via Wikipedia, copyrighted free use)

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