So, the eagled-eyed among you will have noticed I haven’t been writing quite as much on this blog lately. This has been largely due to a growing, bump-y ‘creative’ project…accompanied by a whole lot of nausea on the side… Got it yet?  Yep, looks like the stork is in flight and has our house on its GPS!  

As I enter my fifth month into this journey, today is the first time it finally felt right to write the odd post about it. At first, the mixture of excitement and absolute awe at this small miracle happening every day absorbed all my attention, and made me feel I couldn’t possibly or coherently write about it.

Over time I have somewhat been able to get my head around this extraordinary change.  And I don’t just mean that I don’t startle anymore when I see the little bump in the mirror, or that I have stopped complaining when it doesn’t let me sleep in one position for more than fifteen minutes a go, although I don’t and I have.  I think I am finding my sea legs, and hope that I will be able to share some insights as they come over the next few weeks, and that some of you may find them interesting.  But fear not, I vow not to be one of those super-annoying new mums who just can’t shut up about babies.  If I write about pregnancy, you can rest assured that it will be strictly sound- or creativity- related.  Other than that, business as usual.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I have some vomiting to do.

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