World Listening Day 2013

It’s that time of year again!  Tomorrow will be World Listening Day 2013, organised by the lovely folk at the World Listening Project.  From their website here is some basic info on what the day is about:

What is World Listening Day?

World Listening Day happens annually on July 18th—the birthdate of R. Murray Schafer, a Canadian composer who established the World Soundscape Project. Its research laid the foundations for what became known as Soundscape Studies and Acoustic Ecology.

The purposes of World Listening Day are:

  • to celebrate different ways we can focus on our soundscape (sonic environment);
  • to raise awareness about the acoustic ecology movement, including ideas regarding how noise pollution can be reduced; and
  • to introduce new educational initiatives and community events related to listening and acoustic ecology.

Participation in the 2013 World Listening Day focuses on the aforementioned goals, which could include listening parties, listening to one’s soundscape in private, private or public soundwalks, public forums about acoustic ecology, and more.

My contribution

I am very happy to be taking part again this year and to share in the WLD’s celebration with A (sound) Day In the Life.

Appropriately, I will be dedicating the full day (8am to 8pm) to active listening, by writing an comprehensive and ongoing list of all the sounds I will hear (to the best of my ability!) as I go about my day.  The full list will be published on this blog and updated throughout the day.

As a devout journal writer, this represents an interesting crossover experiment for me, and the chance to dedicate one full day exclusively to the sounds around me.

I hope this exercise will help me to focus on the sounds that I often overlook as I go about my average day, as well as reflect on these (and by extension on the soundmarks of Dublin in general) after the event.

For anyone reading online I hope this one-day sound diary will provide a peek through another individual’s everyday soundworld, and inspire some thoughts on your own daily sound routines.

See you back on this blog tomorrow!

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