in development // bark

As discussed in my previous post, time away at the Residency is also time for me to become reacquainted with the sounds of my own heritage, and those of my natural surroundings.  After last summer’s miniatures, this year I have instead decided to focus on one single subject: that of the bark of the farnetto tree, one local species of oak to be found here in some areas of the Pollino National Park.


Every year at this time of year, these tall, slender trees renew the outer layer of their bark, which is shed to the ground in beautiful, chunky flakes of glossy brown.


I spend a lot of time walking in the forest while here, and love picking through the flakes, feeling their texture and admiring their random shapes.  As my time home is always in some way a time of ‘renewal’ also, I find some sort of connection with the process of this local tree, and wanted to explore it in connection with my own feelings.


I plan on creating four to five interconnected tracks that will explore the musicality and the physicality of the tree, and include my presence within them.  I am not approaching this knowing exactly what sounds I am aiming for, or what I hope to gather, but rather as a treasure hunt. I want to see what I can come up with just one sound source, and the excitement and thrill of the find will lead the compositional side.

I will be documenting the process by posting some excerpts on this blog, and at the end (provided I have something good enough to share!) I am going to create a release of just 10 limited edition handmade ‘bark flake’ USB copies.

So wish me luck…as always your support is very much appreciated.  We’ll see over the next few posts where we get to.

In the meantime I’d be curious to know, is there any natural phenomenon or feature you connect and relate to, in the area you come from?

2 thoughts on “in development // bark

  1. I shall miss your ‘Summer Miniatures’ but this is a great idea and I’m looking forward to hearing the results. Can I put my name down for one of your limited editions? I shall treasure it if I make it to the list!

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