Into the Wild

For the last few days there has been a constant, low-frequency moan leaking through the closed blinds. A gale, or the ghost of one- a friendly wind ghost, one I know well, one I meet again and again every year.  I am back in Italy for a month or so, in the tiny little hilltop village of Noepoli (Basilicata), where my father’s side of the family is from and where every summer I work at Palazzo Rinaldi Artists’ Residency.

Back in 2008, while still working in theatre, I set up this retreat for Artists with the hope they would find it as inspiring and relaxing as I did, from the days we used to come to nonna‘s house on holidays as a child. From that early germ of an idea, we have since had the pleasure to welcome over 130 artists of all nationalities, and all disciplines. We are currently in the middle of frantic preparations for the opening on Monday, when we will be welcoming our first Artists in Residence for 2013- a writer from Australia and a printmaker from the States.  Very excited, not least because the encounter with different disciplines always acts like a great creative workout for my own practice.

So before I head back downstairs to attack the next enormous to do list, and in preparation to the (fingers crossed) fun and excitement of weeks to come, here is a little recap of what I was up to last year.  Looking to find a routine that would allow me to work with local sonic material but also create something of a playful ‘diary’, I started the ‘Summer Miniatures‘ project: a lo-fi series of 7 short sound pieces of 1 minute each field recorded on location and based around prominent sound marks of the village. Each miniature was accompanied by a short ‘video diary’.  It was great fun at the time to share these on Twitter and get your weekly feedback and support, an improvised, spur-of-the-moment series I enjoyed doing a lot.  Here they are all together, hope you will have fun with this little little re-run…

Oh, and Ai Quattro Venti guest stars my friendly wind ghost.

1. Wing and a Prayer

2. The Holy Shuffle

3. Intersections

4. Non Sequitur

5. Ai Quattro Venti

6. W L’Italia

7. Moka Nervosa

8. Signò

2 thoughts on “Into the Wild

  1. This is a lovely post. I really envy you your month in such a gorgeous part of the world. I really enjoyed your ‘Summer Miniatures’ last year and I’m really looking forward this year’s series. Have a great time. I’m sure your guests will look after themselves so you just enjoy the surroundings and the inspiration I’m sure it will give you. Oh, and don’t forget to come back!

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